Prof. Mbaruk Abdalla Suleman

Prof. Mbaruk Abdalla Suleman, B. Vet. Med. (Nbi), M. Sc. (London) Ph.D. (Uppsala) is an associate Professor who has vast experience in postgraduate studies management,

Bio Data

Current professional appointment: Associate Professor,

Department of Medical Laboratory Science,

College of Health Sciences,

Email addresses:

Cell phone: 254 722 475 527


Previous Administrative Appointments

Dean School of Postgraduate Studies, MKU

Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences, MKU

Principal Research Scientist, Institute of Primate Research NMK


Objective:       To impart knowledge to undergraduate and postgraduate students and conduct own  and collaborative research and supervise postgraduate theses projects


Skills summary:

  • Extensively involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students and supervisision of national and foreign postgraduate students.
  • Experienced in biomedical research
  • Research in stress-induced physiological changes
  • Certified in “Bioethics in Research” by the formerly National Council for Science & Technology (currently the National Commission for Science & Technology)


Education & training

  1. Ph. D. 1998  University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden. Thesis:Stress associated hormonal changes, immune modulation and pathological changes in the African green monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops)
  2. Sc. 1986 University of London, London, United Kingdom. Dissertation:  Some studies on Campylobacter jejuni ssp fetus infection in Sprague Dawley and Wistar rats
  3. Vet. Med. 1979 University of Nairobi, Nairobi, (KVB Registered Veterinary Surgeon)


  1. World Health Organisation, Research Training Grant (WHO/RTG) 1981 (to attend postgraduate courses in Primatology and exotic animals, University of California, Davis, USA and obtain hands-on experience in primate research activities)
  2. WHO/RTG     1985/86           To pursue Masters degree in Laboratory Animal Science in the University of London, UK)

Research activities

Current research project

Vice Chancellor’s funding (MKU) 2014/15 Study title: Cancers: Passive and active epidemiological studies within Kiambu County

  1.  Principal Investigator: Prof. Mbaruk A. Suleiman
  2. Collaborator: Dr. Olivia Lwande


Past funded projects

INDEVELOP funding (2010/2011)

Study title: Field-based study on protozoa parasites of public health importance

Principal Investigators:

  1. Prof. Hanserik Carlsson, Uppsala University, Uppsala Sweden
  2. Dr. Mbaruk A. Suleiman, Principal Research Scientist, Institute of Primate Research, Kenya

 Funding (2007/08) Wellcome Trust, UK

Study title:      Role of metalloproteinase chemistry & vitamin D on vascular tissue in a primate model

Principal Investigators

  1. Dr. Robert J, MacFadyen, Consultant Cardiologist and Senior Lecturer in Medicine, University Department of Medicine, Birmingham University, U.K
  2. Dr. Muzahir Tayebjee, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology, Hammersmith Hospital, London


Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals, USA (2005/06)

Study title:    Differential impact of Raloxifene on the matrix composition of vascular atheroma in accelerated hyperlipidaemic primate atherosclerosis model

Principal Investigators

  1. Dr. Robert J, MacFadyen, Consultant Cardiologist and Senior Lecturer in Medicine, University Department of Medicine, Birmingham University, U.K
  2. Dr. Muzahir Tayebjee, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology, Hammersmith Hospital, London

Phase 2 (Pilot Study). Stretozotocin induced diabetes in primate animal model


  1.  World Bank Tana Global Environmental Facility (WB Tana GEF). Study title: Primate population census and distribution, habitat/forest evaluation and strategies for enhancement of community relations
  2.  WB Tana GEF. Title: Zoonoses investigation and prevalence in Lower Tana river, Kenya

2003   Consultancy: Africa 2000+ Network – Kenya   United Nations Development Fund Title: Best practices of poverty reduction activities of Community-Based Organisations in Kilifi District

Research interests

  1. Microbiology/Bacteriology infectons: Helicobacter species infection and colonisation of stomach mucosa
  2.  Stress endocrine physiology and pathology
  3. Ecology and epidemiology of zoonotic diseases in wild fauna


Meetings, conferences and workshops attended:

  1. Oct, 2012        Workshop on “Non-communicable Diseases”, Nairobi
  2.  Jan, 2013         Workshop on “Bioethics in Research”, Nairobi. National Council for Research and Technology (NCST)
  3.  Nov, 2007       The 17th IPR Scientific Conference
  4.  May, 2004             Workshop on “Trends in nonhuman primate animal model use in biomedical research” Uppsala, Sweden
  5.  May, 1999     Join international ICLAS/FELASA Conference on Animal Welfare and Research: Partnership, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  6.  Jan, 1999       Symposium on “Adaptation and evolution of Cercopithecidae in Africa” Kyoto, Japan


Contribution to books

  1. An Investigation into the Bacteriological Quality of Dandora Sewage Treatment Plant and the Receiving Waters of Nairobi and Athi Rivers. Abednego Musyoki, Suleiman Mbaruk
  2. ISBN-13: 978-3-659-80245-4 ISBN-10: 365980245X EAN: 9783659802454, Publishing house: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Published on: 2015-11-21
  3. Laboratory Animal Science into the Next Century. Proceedings of the First East African Conference on Laboratory Animal Science, Nairobi, Kenya. Suleman, M. A., Muchemi, G. and Eley, R. M. (Eds.). ISBN 9966-9847-7-1 Institute of Primate Research. 1993
  4.  Veterinary Management and Research Techniques for Reproductive Studies in the Baboon: A Practical Approach. Bambra, C. (Ed.). ISBN 9966-9874-5-2 Institute of Primate Research. 1993
  5.  Guidelines to care and use of laboratory animals in Kenya. ISBN 9966-9847-5-5 Institute of Primate Research. 1989
  6. IPS International guidelines for the acquisition, care and breeding of nonhuman primates. Else, J. G. (Ed.) ISBN 9966-9847-2-0 Institute of Primate Research. 1988


Publications in refereed journals-Lates

  1. Magero, V. O., Yole, D., Mbaruk, Suleiman, Grace, K. N., Naomi, W., Moilo, J. and Osebe, T., Assessment of molluscicide, cercaricidal and miracidal activities of crude extracts of Ocimum americanum, Bridalia micrantha and Chenopodium ambrocoides, Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Oct. 2015
  2. Wambui, E. M., Kangethe, S., Mwangi, J., Suleiman, Mbaruk. Morphological characterization of enteric pathogens in Thiba River of Kirinyaga County, Kenya. International Journal of Life Sciences Research, Vol. 3 (3): 10-19, Sep 2015
  3. Kimani, C. N., Mbaria, J. M., Suleiman, M., Gakuya, D., and Kiama, S. G. Antihyperglycemic activity of Zanthoxylum chalybeum stem bark extract in diabetic rats. The Journal of Phytopharmacology. 4 (3): 183-189, 2015
  4. Kennedy Muna Kuria, Dorcas Syombua Yole and Mbaruk Abdalla Suleiman. Brine shrimp lethality test of soluble proteins from Biomphalaria pfeifferi snail as preliminary for vaccine development for Schistosoma mansoni American International Journal of Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 11 (2): 104-107, June-August, 2015,
  5. Abednego M. Musyoki, Mbaruk A. Suleiman, John N. Mbithi, and John M. Maingi, J. Diurnal and seasonalvariations of pathogenic bactria in Dandora sewage treatment plant wastewater, Nairobi, Kenya. Journal of Environmental Research and Toxicology, Vol 2 (2): Feb 2013


Abstracts of conference papers- Latest

  1. Suleman, M. A. and Mugambi, K. A critical review of the de Brazza’s monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) survival in Kenya: ecological and conservation nightmares. Symposium on “Adaptation and evolution of Cercopithecidae in Africa”. Inuyama City, Japan 6-11 Jan 1999
  2. Suleman, M. A. and Hau, J. The importance of laboratory animal science in the conservation of wild animals. Joint International ICLAS/FELASA Conference. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, 24-29 May 1999
  3. McLean, R.G., Suleman, M. A., Igobwa, R., Tukei, P. M., Kirk, L. J. and Gubler, D. J. Sylvatic transmission of Yellow Fever virus in Kenya. 43rd Annual Conference of Wildlife Disease Association, California, 35: 42, 1994
  4. Ahmed, H. M., Isahakia, M., Sleman, M. A., Miura, T., Tomonaga, K., Igarashi, T. and Hayami, M. Simian immuno-deficiency virus isolated from white-crowned mangabeys belonged to the great heterogeneity of SIVAGM group. A World United Against AIDS, VIIIth International Conference on AIDS/III STD World Congress. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 19-24 July 1992
  5. Suleman, M. A. Infertility in nonhuman primates. Nairobi Centre for Research in Reproduction (NCRR) Conference, Nairobi 1987