Suliman Essuman

I hold a PhD degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Hamburg (Germany). My academic background is a combination of Microbiology (specialized in Virology), Biochemistry,  and Immunology. Professionally, I am a Research Scientist in the field of Biomedical Sciences.  Currently, I am lecturing in virology at the Medical School of Mount Kenya University.

The phases of my scientific research activities from 1977-1999 are summarized chronologically as follows:


I worked on development of Anti-Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and Amblyomma variegatum vaccines for the protection of Livestock against Ticks and Ticks borne diseases at the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology – ICIPE, (Nairobi, Kenya).


I worked on “Immune Responses to Surface Structures (membrane Glycoproteins) of Human Cytomegalovirus during Infection” at the Bernhard-Nocht Institute of Tropical Medicine (Hamburg, Germany). This was in the process of developing a “Human Cytomegalovirus” vaccine. At the same time, I worked on development of Immune-Diagnostic tools (kits and reagents) for diagnosis/detection of Herpes viruses (Cytomegalo- and Epstein Barr-virus) and some tropical Arboviruses (Yellow fever-, Dengue- and Chikungunya-virus).   At the same time, I functioned as the quality control scientist for diagnostic tools for monitoring Cytomegalo-virus infection in renal transplant patients.


I worked on development of Cell line from colon tumor tissues. This was to produce Carcino-embryonic Antigens (CEA-Antigens) for development of ELISA kits for early detection of colon tumor in humans. This wa at the Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Hamburg, Germany.

At the same Institute, I worked on “Inhibition of Protein Biosynthesis in Tissue Culture Cells by Cell Membrane Glycoproteins of Transformed Cells in vitro”. The studies revealed that this material (from transformed cells) was able to cause inhibition across species boundaries and that material isolated from a wider variety of cell types from different species was basically quite similar in structure and function. The studies I initiated on the mechanism of the inhibition paved the way for further studies which show a direct effect upon amino acid transport systems.

Currently, my research interest is in “biodegradation of toxic chemical compounds (especially organophosphates) in the food chain (environment) using microbial organisms”.

PhD Thesis:

“Immune responses to the surface structures (Glycoproteins) of Human Pathogenic Cytomegalo-virus during Infection” (Translated from German and available on the Internet)

MSc. Thesis:

“Inhibition of Protein Biosynthesis in Tissue Culture Cells by Cell Membrane Glycoproteins of Transformed Cells” (Translated from German)


Other academic accomplishments

 Books Authored: 

 Taxonomy of African Ticks: Identification Manual.

Okello-Onen, J., Shawgi M. Hassan. and Suliman Essuman;

(Edited by Serah W. Mwanycky, Publisher: International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, 1999 – ISBN: 9789290641278)

 Die Immunantwort gegen Oberflächenstrukturen des humanpathogenen Cytomegalovirus. Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades des Fachbereichs Biologie der Universität Hamburg.

Essuman, Suliman.

(Published by University of Hamburg, 1984 – Ref. Google, Suliman Essuman)


Booklets Published for UNDP/GEF/SGP, Kenya

  • Promoting Forest Biodiversity,
  • Community-Based Alternative Energy Systems,
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Biomass-Waste Recycling.

Mwangi Esther and Suliman Essuman

(Published by ICIPE Science Press, 2002).



“Novel Method of Enhancing Efficiency of Anti-Arthropod Agents Against Blood-Feeding Ectoparasites”.
Essuman SulimanHassanali AhmedInternational Centre of Insect Physiology Ecology (ICIPE). Publication date Dec 11, 1997, Publication No. WO 1996037178 A3.

(Google, Suliman Essuman Patent)

 PhD and MSc. Thesis Supervision

Supervised four (4) PhDs and one (1) MSc. thesis

 Scientific Publications in International Peer Reviewed Journals

Thirty (30) international peer reviewed publications in scientific journals excluding books authored and patent.

Scientific Meetings Attended, Posters and Papers Presented

Participated in ten (10) international and local scientific meeting