Having successfully graduated from Mount Kenya University Medical school you will have a pool of career opportunities to join. Below are MKU academic programmes  and their respective careers you can fit in :

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) become medical doctors initially as general practioners who then further specialize in various medical fields. They can also become clinical researchers such as Dr Jesse Gitaka
  1.  Bachelor of Science/ Diploma in Dental technology  become Dental Technologist who replace teeth, fix braces (orthodontics), Mouth-guards for boxers and rugby players, whiten/bleach teeth and fix permanent golden teeth (Cosmetic dentistry)
  1. Bachelor of Science/Diploma in  oral Community Health cleaning, scaling of teeth, filling teeth and general dental conditions
  1. Medical Laboratory sciences deal with medical diagnostics and medical research

Mount Kenya University Medical School is located in Thika Main Campus with its anatomy lab at an off the campus premise next to Thika Level 5 hospital.The Anatomy laboratory was constructed through a public-private partnership between the two institutions.